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Cat tower is a fashionable pet tool for providing a spacious room where cats can fully enjoy themselves. What we particularly recommend today is just our M51 28″ Stable Cute Sisal Cat Climb Holder Cat Tower! For cat tower design, stability is the most crucial thing. Our cat tower here, adopting high-class wood, sword rope and premium lambswool, ensures excellent durability and comfort. It allows your beloved cat to climb higher and stay stably. Bright color makes this cat tower cool and stylish! It will greatly please your cats!
1. Sisal rope winding thickened support, avoid any shake
2. Superior materials ensure good quality, stability, and safety
3. It offers entertainment space for cats
4. Lambswool makes this cat tower soft and comfortable to use
5. A cool pet tool for pleasing cats

1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2. Please allow 1mm differences due to manual measurement.

Material: sisal
Product category: Climbing toy cat litter
Size: flower backrest, flower backrest + summer mat, flower round nest, flower round nest + summer mat

Package Content
1*Cat Climbing Tree

Weight 4543.00 kg
Dimensions 610 × 390 × 160 cm

Backrest, Round


Ordinary, Summer mat

29 reviews for Cat Tree Scratch Tower

  1. Denise Z.

    This was exactly what I was looking for!! It was super easy to put together. It’s very well made and it looks great!! From floor to the top fluff is 60cm. I highly recommend this tree if your looking for one that will not take over your whole room!! 

  2. Chris P.

    We adopted two cats last week and wanted to give them an option to have more room to sit in the window. This tucks right in under the window sill and allows the older cat to window watch without falling off the ledge. It was easy to assemble, but is kind wobbly when the cat jumps down from the top perch. Overall, it was a great value for the price. 

  3. Doe R.

    Completely Satisfied! It’s perfect for a small kitten, well made & doesn’t appear “cheap” in any way. It’s purrrrrr’fect (sorry, I couldn’t resist that! lol)

  4. Pam C.

    I have quite a small cat, (it was a wild cat that adopted me) and the Cat Tree Scratch Tower appeared a little small at first but she adapted to it, just like everything else in her life, up to that point. It took awhile for her to even use it, but that didn’t surprise me. I began playing with her using it as several hidey spots for that special toy to jump out at her. DON”T YOU JUST HATE THAT? Suprized at how made and sturdy. Carpet is wrapped around perfectly, no shortcuts! or wood showing where the carpet is to be. Easy and perfect for me!The carpet is soft and luxurious. Something to push your toes in to, or paws, that is! Don’t know about the other colors. All of that, AND the price was quite reasonable!

  5. Chay R.

    I adore this cat tree and have 3 kitties who give it 2 paws up. It IS small, but for the price you can’t complain! When I began my search for them a tree I wanted something that wouldn’t take up half of the room, And it fits my 3 perfect. To accurately know the size, The fluffy kitten pictured is 9 weeks old (she is a munchkin though so smaller than usual) and the gray and calico are 4 months old. Before I could even get it together they were trying to climb in it! They also love the hideout lol 😂 Seems sturdy enough so far but it literally just arrived.

  6. Mina T.

    I got this cat tree for our new munchkin kitten because I was concerned our old one we had for our previous cat was much too tall for her (it towers a few inches above me and I’m 5’2″), so I got her this smaller one that I thought would have enough steps between each level for her to be able to reach comfortably.It seems to be a success!! I got my shipment faster than expected, and it took me all of about 20 minutes to assemble all by myself! It took her a few days to get comfortable with it, but now I wake up to her on the top level of the cat tree, and I’m so happy!So far she hasn’t realized there is a scratching post though, and I’ve only seen her go inside the hideout twice for very short periods of time. The seems to like lounging on the top two levels the most, but we’ll see if she figures out there’s more to it than those features. 

  7. Jess A.

    Our cat is full grown at only 6.5 lbs. He’s very small and short for a house cat. This cat tree is the best because it’s the perfect size for him – (he can jump off of it comfortably). Also, I appreciate that you can assemble it with some modifications. I was able to turn the bottom “hideout” area away from the mall for his comfort. I highly recommend this for small cats (under 10 lbs) and kittens. Very good quality for the price. (He also has been using the top square bed the most and sleeps on it just fine). 

  8. Jean M.

    Easy to put together. Mine came with two extra screws (in case I assume). Labeled well. Took about 10 minutes. I decided to place the bottom portion in a different location per it’s facing position. Same with the hammock portion. And the cat bed section like a diamond position and not a square. The two cats are loving it. It’s height is almost to my computer desk or I also put a typical broom next to it and it was up to the halfway point. Perfect for needing something more compact with all the frills! 

  9. Nicole D.

    This was a steal compared to cat houses I looked at in the pet stores or even Walmart/Target. I was looking for something smaller, with many beds/places to sleep. This wasn’t for a real cat, it was for my son who has a lot of stuffed kitties and wanted a “house” for them. I wanted something he could reach and that had lots of places for his kitties to sleep. It is very sturdy and well made, high quality so I don’t worry about him breaking things because he can be hard on things as boys often are.***we’d get a real cat if I wasn’t so allergic***

  10. Vicki K.

    My cat loves it but so far only the top bunk

  11. Natalie V.

    Tower was very easy to assemble but it is pretty small. Tailored to kittens, which my fosters love! They got two solid weeks of basket naps before they started to want more room – top tier has come in handy. Very soft and it was a great price. 

  12. Elizabeth K.

    As I built it, I could tell that it was high quality and, after placing my very heavy cat into the little side bit, it didn’t even wobble! Definitely worth the buy.

  13. Sherry F.

    It took a few days for her to warm up to it, but she loves it now.

  14. Chita R.

    Cats love it and it looks nice.

  15. Stephanie M.

    Love it. The kitten loves it. The children put it together with little help from Dad.

  16. Ritchie T.

    I love it. It’s not too big. Just got a kitten and she is starting to like it. Looks nice.

  17. Cedra N.

    Not for larger cats great for medium cats and kittens.

  18. Ashley B.

    This cat tree was easy to assemble, and my cat likes it. Likes but not loves – he still prefers to lay on the couch or in my lap, but now he’s scratching this instead of the couch. Everyone’s happy.

  19. Michelle M.

    Very cute , perfect for kittens and very easy to put together.

  20. David G.

    Great product! Cats love it

  21. Lucy T.

    Great purchase for my almost 5 month old kitten! Easy to put together. Was a bit smaller than I expected but works well in the space I had available in my room. Hopefully my kitten doesn’t grow into a huge cat. If she does, I’ll definitely need to get a bigger one but for the time being it’s perfect. She loved it as soon as she saw it! 

  22. Donna W.

    My cat loves it. She climbs all over it and it is holdup well.

  23. Deborah G.

    Very easy to put together and very plush. My cat loves it!

  24. Sheri D.

    My kittens absolutely love it. It’s made very well. I would definitely order it again.

  25. Kay D.

    Sturdy and small. Good for a small space, and our cat is very comfortable on the cushy top level.

  26. Kyle S.

    Highly recommend! Easy to put together and very sturdy!

  27. Margaret W.

    It is a perfect size for the 5-week old kittens. They love it. The top is especially popular for naps.

  28. Amy C.

    We love this!!! I just have one cat and it’s the perfect size for her. The price could not be passed up. 

  29. Laura S.

    This is a great size… just a little smaller than anticipated.. Thought it was going to be another 6 inches or so taller than what it was.

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