Pet Cheer Cat Scratcher

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Made especially so your cat can have hours of fun. Our scratcher is both a cat scratcher and a cat lounger, our feline friends’ favorite activities.

  • Cats love it. Healthy claws = happy cats
  • Your cat will stop scratching your furniture
  • Cute design, our cat scratcher will fit right in your decor
  • Premium corrugated cardboard guaranteed long-lasting
  • Includes a pack of catnip

Are you tired of constantly buying cat scratchers that your feline gets bored of only in a few days? Our Pet Cheer Cat Scratcher is not just a scratcher, it is also a lounger. Cats fall in love with this scratcher packed with catnip. Mimicking a tree bark, it’s perfect for healthy claws.

You will love it too. The corrugated cardboard is hard and will last for a while. We are not kidding, it may last for a few years. Made of recycled cardboard, the large scratching board is perfect for cats of all sizes as well as resistant to scratching and wear.

Your cat will forget about scratching your furniture. Cats prefer the feel of cardboard under their nails. The curves make it easy for scratching as well as lounging as well as a place to hide and play. Plus the cute cat head design will fit well in every decor. If your cat is a wall scratcher, you may want to check our Wall Corner Scratching Board instead.

With more than enough scratching space, the scratcher can be flipped upside down for even more scratch surfaces. Provides unlimited fun hours for both your cats and yourself. The cat scratcher does not require any assembly, your can start scratching right away.

Weight 1.950 g
Dimensions 48.1 × 23.0 × 32.1 mm

Cat Scratcher

18 reviews for Pet Cheer Cat Scratcher

  1. Shreya S.

    I tried a few other beds and scratching post, but my cat got depressed, refused to use any of the other beds or scratching toys, started scratching furniture again, and cried every night she didn’t have it. I ordered a new Pet Cheer Cat Scratch Board and I’ve never seen her happier. I’ll never buy any other cat bed or scratching posts! This is the best, HANDS DOWN. 5 stars!! 

  2. Susan B.

    Our cat Jet LOVES this! She runs through the open parts and lounges on the top – so we call it the Jet Lounger 🙂 

  3. Vampyra F.

    I had bought the flat cheaper ones before, and they shred easy. I’d end up with such a mess on the floor. I have several cats all different sizes with claws it is a good size for all of them. I see not only do they scratch it they also like to rest and nap on it too. It still looks almost like new. I’ve had mine about a week and I only vacuum up maybe 20 small pieces on the carpet . I bought 2 of these and one I keep by a window that can open. I make sure to watch the weather and keep it away from the window when it’s going to rain just in case. You don’t want this to get wet because it’s cardboard. When it gets too old and both sides are destroyed I will saw it in half and give them the inside to scratch at. I’m sure it will last us over a year or more.

  4. Sheys R.

    These are my three kitty furkids! Your kitties will thank you for this! I have 3 kitties, all under 2.5 years of age, and so it’s bananas at my house when they get in “the go-go mode”. I had one of these that I had propped against a wall at a 45 degree angle and kitties would run up n down the hallway and bank up the Cat Scratcher like they were at the X games. Showing off for each other, of course. I’m just the slow human/food lady with no skills. They loved it so much I got one for downstairs, and hallelujah, they love it just as much. They scratch away on it (not my furniture, TG!) and vie for the best spot on it throughout the day. This, while pricey, is an excellent investment for a cat parent. I also grow catnip and once or twice a month, I place the freshly crushed leaves on top of the Cat Scratchers. Oh! And I also turn them over once a week bc the kitties seem to like it, and they will be scratched more evenly. 

  5. Zenda D.

    I bought the first one of these in January for our feral kitten. I wanted to train her not to scratch the furniture as our older cats had done (and were still doing). I also bought a cat condo at the same time. It worked. We trained her to use it by putting catnip on it and she was thrilled. Well built and sturdy, it lasted and lasted although her prolific scratching left small bits of cardboard all over the carpet. Vacuuming more often was worth the effort to save my upholstered furniture. When we got another kitten, our feral taught the baby how to use the infinity scratcher as well. Keep in mind that when these babies grew up, one hits the scales at 14 pounds and the other is 18 pounds. They are large, long legged and our larger girl has huge paws and scary claws. I have two of these in my house and they are in daily use for scratching, lounging and a kitty playground. I think this is something that every cat owner, who has the room for it, should buy.

  6. Didi R.

    I have 12 cats and I just spent $7000 on new furniture and my new automatic recliner and sofa cost me $3500 alone. I have other cat scratching posts, but it wasn’t enough to keep them from scratching my old leather furniture. It was time I tried this and I had been putting them off because I didn’t want to clean up the mess, and I thought they would be a disaster like the ones you fit into the cardboard rectangle.I Purchased two cheap ones at home goods that had a blue color around the outside.The difference is crazy. The cheap one I bought at home goods is getting torn up much faster and it’s much lighter than the one from Caffeine Cat. You can clearly see and feel the difference in the cardboard and my cats prefer it. They even sleep on these like they are comfortable beds.Sure it does make a small mess? but it’s easy to vacuum up in Just a few minutes. My cats have not scratched my new couches so far and it’s been two weeks. Usually when you put something new in your house your cats go right for it. All of my cats are indoor only.I’m going to buy another one for the bedroom and I can tell you if you’re on the fence about these, I wouldn’t buy it from anywhere else, and I would get the largest size if they have it. They are fantastic. My cats love these. I love them, too. 

  7. Bolton U.

    This is very sturdy, just like the ones I was ‘going to replace.’ It matches my decor and doesn’t stand out like the white ones I have.. It’s my cat’s Cooper favorite piece of furniture outside of my lap! I have 2 cats and they both want one, so the ones I had for 3 + years and now very torn up were going to be thrown out but they still love them too, so I have to sneak one out first…then another after I buy one more of these.I am amazed they love the loungers so much. They certainly are not soft! They scratch their nails on these and I used to praise them so they know they were very good kitties. Since I have special pieces for them to scratch they have never scratched my couch.I HIGHLY recommend you provide your cats with their own furniture pieces like this. They absolutely love them. 

  8. Nielsen A.

    Best purchase I’ve ever made for my cat for the money. She sleeps and plays on this thing constantly. So far I haven’t had any issues with it getting shredded and having to vacuum up pieces, like I do with other corrugated cardboard scratchers. This one is super sturdy and a bit bulky, so make sure you check dimensions if you’re working with a small space. The product is perfect and does exactly what it’s advertised to do when used. Different cats will have different tastes. Overall, easily a 5/5 purchase. 

  9. Steve J.

    we absolutely love this cat lounger/scratcher. price point is a little intimidating for what it is but after receiving it. absolutely worth it. it’s made well and our 3 rescue cats love it. it was well packaged and shipped quickly.  wow!! our cats obviously were drawn to it. our one male adult cat claimed the lounger as his own swinging at the other two cats. ( we have 2 males and 1 female.We purchased this bcz we have a cat scratch tower which they never used to scratch on..just to sleep at the top. we recently purchased new living room furniture. So we purchased the sticky sheets to place on the corners placed them on and they worked great but the cats needed something to scratch on. it’s a natural instinct of cats. So we read the reviews of this lounger, and purchased_they absolutely love it and USE IT to scratch on. It works for our cats and we plan on purchasing a second to put in another room in the house. We highly recommend. 

  10. Ally Q.

    The second “Pet Cheer Cat Scratch Board” was delivered, my cats took right to it! All five of them wanted to be on it or near it. So far, it looks like it will exceed my expectations. My cats use this all the time. All five. I have one cat who has nail issues, and usually refuses to scratch anything, but he is using this like crazy, and his nails issue has improved so much in the short amount of time we’ve had this. Super amazing. I’ll be back for more! 

  11. Michael D.

    My favorite thing I’ve bought on Caffeine Cat to date! The glowing reviews prompted me to take a chance on Pet Cheer Cat Scratch Board. When it arrived, I took it out of the box, and placed it on the floor. A quick scrape of my nails on it’s surface, and my cat Dexter immediately came to investigate. He climbed on top, crawled through it’s openings and spent the rest of the day “lounging” about on it. This is the only thing my cat has shown interest in other than affection, food, and treats. It’s a real hit around here. I’ve taken to placing it at the foot of my bed at night so Dexter is tempted to sleep there. Each morning when I awake, there is my cat, sleeping at my feet. I will gift one of these to every cat lover in my life. Caffeine Cat hit a homerun with these. I can’t recommend it highly enough. 

  12. Diana de A.

    We share our household with 6 cats and as all cats like to do … they love to scratch. We go through plenty of those corrugated cardboard scratchers. I was a little leery at first because of the price of this scratcher. They love the cardboard, but our multiple cats go through the looser cardboard options so quickly and sometimes they do not get the resistance they need from the looser cardboard and will resort to using the couch to scratch and get the “manicure” they need (really just shedding the nail sheath). This is a necessity for our feline friends. Moms and kitties are happy 🙂 

  13. Desert G.

    It’s always nice to find that a purchase meets the expectations set in the product description – the scratcher and lounge actually exceeded my expectations! Tight, solid construction combined with a beautiful, modern design.* size/height/weight is excellent for taking a good knock without tipping over as he dashes through the cubby holes* catnip doesn’t just fall straight through = less waste* neutral colors look great in my living-room compared to what I’ve paid for plain jumbo scratchers this is an EXCELLENT value. Very pleased with this purchase and would definitely buy this again! 

  14. Meg P.

    Ok, I am a freak about my 2 Cats, like most of you are also. I spend a lot of $ on these guys because they are worth it and I’m a Single Chick in her late 30’s with no kids. I guess you could only assume I spoil them rotten! I spoil them the best I can with trying to be somewhat frugile in my purchases and that’s with their scratchers.I have never bought them one this Big. The most I have spent was $32 on one that looked like a tiny sleigh bed that Roger fell off on time and time again. He is a Big Cat, a Big Lounger and loves to scratch since a kitten. This is Roger’s world…This is only my world living in his and Rose(his sister) is outside playing. 2 favorite activities in one…LOUNGE & SCRATCH.Your world with your Pets.😸😺 P.S. I just went crazy lately with buying stuff on Caffeine Cat, mostly for my Cats so I really like reviewing these products because you can’t rave like this on Yelp, as they are only for business’s) 

  15. Chris B.

    What a simple yet effective piece of furniture. My 3 month old loves to take naps in the little nooks of this thing. I take my kitty to the office everyday so this is permanently kept there. I used a couple 90 degree brackets to mount this on the wall right next to my desk. Worked out real well and my little girl just climbs up and jumps right into her little private spot several times a day. I’ve noticed that she is starting to hang out on the top more often now. I’m probably going to take a saw to either side so that I can split this into two sections… The middle part seems like a bit of waste, so this way I can make two levels where she can still sort of hide in the lower part. I figure if the cardboard ever gets worn out, I now have a whole new two sides I can rotate to.You can definitely feel that the cardboard used is a higher quality than some of the other scratchers out there. I doubt it is going to get worn anytime soon and I’ll likely get an easy couple years out of it. I love the design too… Really doesn’t stand out too much and I have already had several people compliment it, not knowing that it was a cat scratcher. It looks good and it’s probably going to last a while, so the value is definitely there. 

  16. Helen A.

    Kitty loves it! Never had a cat before, brought in a 10+ year old stray from my old apartment who I found out is FIV and Feline Leukemia positive but he is the sweetest cat ever and I fell in love with him so wanted to spoil him and bought him this. He loves it even more than I could have hoped. Spends several hours a day sleeping or just perched on it and hits it with his claws every time he jumps on. So adorable. Have had it for a couple months and it’s held up really well. Cool that when the top is worn out I can just flip it over and it’s like having a brand new scratcher again. He’s a pretty big/long cat so I was unsure how well he’d fit on it but it’s absolutely perfect. Will definitely be buying another if this one ever wears out! 

  17. Geda E.

    Excellent product. I found a way to make it last twice as long with just a little effort!!! After it has seen its last days… slice it down the center and you will have 2 more pieces left. Hey… It’s better than nuthin! 

  18. Jayni Y.

    Amazing. I bought and my cats LOVE them. I have two cats, one we got as a kitten in June of 2021 & she has been just fine in keeping her claws because of this product. I really hoped to not have to de-claw and this product is amazing. She knows to scratch on it & has never scratched our nice furniture! I hung them up like shelves & the cats love to climb on high to hang out on them, sleep, stretch & survey the house. My friends don’t even realize they’re cat shelves until the cats jump on them! Worth the money! I picked up some L brackets at home depot to hang them & they worked like a charm. 

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