Cat Hair Removal Glove

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– Glove-style design, put it on and give your pets a bath, just like touching them, let pets enjoy the comfortable bath!
– Easy to handle and flexible! The glove mouth has Velcro, does not slide easily when washing!
– Special soft toothed brush on the gloves can remove the fine hairs on pets.  

Material: silicone / plastic
Size: about 23 * 17.5cm
Weight: about 50g/pc
Color: as pictures
Application: Universal (cats and dogs)
Function: Pet Grooming Tools
Category: Pet Supplies Pet Products

Package Content:
1 x Comb

Weight 55.00 kg
Dimensions 280 × 370 × 50 cm

One pair


Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Fuchsia

40 reviews for Cat Hair Removal Glove

  1. Christine W.

    It does take a very, very long time to remove the fur. Then I saw a video of this glove and decided to buy it. Tried it out and WOW — it really does the job! I just rub my hand across the cat’s back/sides/chest and the glove picks up the loose fur. After several strokes, the palm of the glove is full. Then starting at the wrist, pull the fur off the palm and fingers — it comes off in one flat mat! Then with the cleaned off glove, I go back and rub the cat some more. I love this glove method & my cat gets a massage while I’m rubbing him! Win-Win!

  2. Jason M.

    Great for removing hair off your cat. My one cat loves it, but my other cat doesn’t like the feel of it (just gotta hold him down and do it quickly then). The easiest way to get the hair off the glove is to run it under the faucet. You work your free hand through the glove under the water and the hair comes right off. This is doubly good because the instructions say a slightly wet glove lifts the hair off the cat more effectively. I only use one on right hand. Two might work but I like having a glove-free hand to hold the cat while I’ll brush them with the other. Great buy. Go for it.

  3. Dunham C.

    Although the glove is a little big for my small hand, and the velcro quit sticking across my wrist (because of pet hair getting in it, like all gloves with the same design), I love this glove. My cat loves it, and needs to be groomed often to substantially reduce hairball issues. This is much cheaper than taking him to a groomer, which I still do for nail trims. I find it easier to remove the accumulated hair from the glove by laying the glove on the ground/floor and pushing one hand across it while holding the wrist end with the other hand. The fur comes off in one sweep. It also does an excellent job on my short-haired cat, with his finer hair. This glove was much cheaper than others and I’m glad I didn’t spend more for the same result.

  4. Taylor S.

    I honestly can’t tell if my cats hate or love this thing, but they do allow me to use it on them 😂 they’ll bite my hand as I do it but it doesn’t hurt, the glove is thick. But it really works, I have a very sheddy Siamese and a long hair calico, and it’s great on both. The calico definitely does not enjoy it as much, but again, she’ll let me do it for a few minutes. 5 minutes of brushing will get a whole handful of hair out. You need to just pet them after and get all the excess hair that the glove didn’t pick up. But there are worse things in life than petting a cat 😊 and I’ve had this glove for about 2 weeks now and have had no issues with it.

  5. Lauren A.

    My cat has long, thick hair that sheds excessively especially when it’s warm out. She allows me to brush her but is generally over it after 2 minutes or so. I couldn’t wait to try this out..She Loves this glove! She purs extra hard and keeps repositioning herself to make sure I get everywhere. I only wish the comb was a bit longer for how thick her hair is because she doesn’t love when I brush her hair opposite of the direction it grows. Otherwise I am in love with this!

  6. June B.

    This is my cats’ favorite way to be groomed. Actually I’ve not found another tool they will tolerate. Using quick short strokes removes a lot of hair. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. The only downside I guess is that cat hair gets caught in the Velcro and it begins to not hold the wrist band as tight as it once side.

  7. Bobbi B.

    With a cat, Australian Shepard, and Border Collie at home, we needed something to help with grooming. The cat lays its legs out while you brush him and just purrs right through it. The hair needs a bit more of a wiping action than peeling, but listen, the amount of fur I got off the cat is well worth wiping it off. The wrist strap is a bit tight but I’m not docking any points for that. Definitely would recommend.

  8. Anu B.

    LOVE this glove. I had a short hair cat that had very fine fur that shed everywhere and loved to stick all over you. Regular brushes did not do great with it. Bought this glove and was able to get so much fur off. The fur removed in 5 minutes of petting. He LOVES the brush glove and rolls and goes wild for it.Only cons, sensitive cats may not like too much petting at once as it can get kind of rough. But even a few minutes of petting are going to get fur off. Also the velcro around the wrist does easily cut off the circulation somewhat in my hand. That happens frequently too me anyway due to my carpal tunnel, so not a big issue. 

  9. Sue E.

    I have 3 long haired cats and fur is everywhere. I have various tools to clean up fur after it’s stuck to everything and different style brushes. They won’t let me brush them everywhere especially bushy tails. Then this glove arrived. They think they’re being petted so I can clean them nose to tail before they shed on furniture and me. I started with this cheaper version and I’m super happy.  Don’t mist with water. The boys didn’t like that and it cleans up fine dry. 

  10. Amy S.

    I have a large home with several cats, long haired and short haired. My house is always filled with hair, everywhere! It becomes tumble weeds down the hallway if you don’t do something about it. WELL, this de-shedding glove is AMAZING!! Well worth the money. I’m even happier with this glove! I’ve used it on all my cats and even my two rabbits (they didn’t appreciate it like the cats did LOL but it worked!) and it works wonders! Several of my cats hate being brushed or want to play with the brush so it becomes very difficult to brush them. This glove solves all those problems and it removes so much more hair than the brush did. The cats love it because they feel like I’m petting them so they just stand there, relaxed enjoying it! Clean up is extremely easy, no more hair flying everywhere! It just peels off in one clump and you throw it in the trash can! Easy peasy!! Buy this, buy it now! You won’t regret it!

  11. Anne M.

    I was somewhat skeptical buying this glove, because I figured since it was so cheap it might not work very well. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. My cat actually enjoyed it, and many cats don’t like brushing with a brush, but this glove must be gentle enough that it feels good. It was easy to remove the hair (it peeled off in one piece) when I was done. Of course, there were a few stragglers stuck to the material part of the glove that isn’t rubber, but they were easy enough to remove with a lint roller. I highly recommend this product for any pet owners, especially if you have a pet who doesn’t like being brushed with a standard brush. Plus, it makes their coat look amazing!

  12. Aerith F.

    I have a black cat, who is currently shedding. The fur is everywhere! I’ve had something like this before, and it didn’t do much. This one works great! The nubs looked a bit spikey to me online, but they’re not – first thing I did was run it through my hair, and it didn’t hurt at all. My cat loves it, and the fur really comes off very well. I think it’s pulling up the dead undercoat, and it leaves his fur looking great and feeling smooth and soft. The hair pulls up in the shape of the glove – just 2 or 3 passes on the cat, and I’ve got a a handful already. It has a Velcro wrist , so you can close it snugly and it won’t come off your hand when brushing your pet. Glad I bought it.

  13. Kelly U.

    Really removes hair from my short haired cat! Very pleased with how this product works. He seems to enjoy me brushing him with it. I read the instructions and dampened with water the side of the glove that picks up hair. Tried several methods of putting water on the glove and found that putting the glove on and dipping the index finger of the ungloved hand in water and rubbing it on each finger and the palm. I shake off any excess water, since my cat doesn’t like to get wet. The water helps the hair to stick to the glove and not on me or the chair!!! You do have to rub it on the cat a few times to begin to collect hair. After you get a lot of hair on the glove, it peels off easily.

  14. Aline A.

    We were looking for a product to help us take care of our shorthaired Texido cat who is having a tough time with the summer heat and shedding a lot of fur. We own several grooming tools including the $50 industry standard and have yet to experience anything like the glove. We removed the glove from the envelope that it was delivered in and immediately tried it on our tuxedo cat. He’s an affectionate cat but doesn’t really like to be touched, immediately he started to purr and just wanted more more and more attention. The amount of fur that came off of him was astonishing, never before have we been able to accomplish this task. Our other long-haired cat equally enjoyed the experience. She is used to removing a tennis ball sized hairball every evening and really loved the glove as well. This is not an expensive product and yet it does tremendous work. We really appreciate it and highly recommend using this to help our loved pets stay healthy. 

  15. Kentwood W.

    So I’ve had a pet comb before this that would take a lot of hair, but it had some metal spike-like brushes that is said to be comfortable for cats. At 1st, my cat would enjoy it and after a few months he wouldn’t want to be combed even though I would be gentle. So then I’ve seen this glove and decided to buy it due to the reviews + the price. So I first took my cat and over 2 minutes or so I’ve already took out a good amount of hair while my cat was just chilling. The next day his coat is shining against the sun and he is simply much more softer! Apparently this glove also takes out dirt? I’m 100% sure it does because my cat’s hair has never looked so white, soft, and shiny. Love this glove!

  16. Lindsay P.

    Works much better than I thought it would. Bought it on a whim and didn’t think it would work as well as it does. My cat loves it! He can’t get enough. My other cat doesn’t trust it yet but he will, he has some issues and is hesitant about anything new. So I set it on the ground and let him sniff it and have him watch me use it on his brother. He’ll come around for sure.I would defy recommend wetting it before use. It helps keep the hair on the glove instead of flying around. And it’s easier to peel/take off the hair after use. 

  17. Clara L.

    Took me 2 years to find something to help my cat with her crazy shedding! Her fur is so fine and soft that other brushes passed right through it without doing much of anything. Flea combs, which I’ve used in the past for my fluffier cats, didn’t help either! Her undercoat was just unstoppable until this! She’s not afraid of it like she is of the brushes and combs, and this actually grabs the ultra fine undercoat hairs that take her so long to groom out! Her coat is so much lighter now, and she doesn’t have those tufts of loose fur hanging out all over the place anymore. Her wild shedding is finally under control!She’s a dwarf breed of cat, and just a few pets will fill up the glove with fluff. It’s super easy to clean off, I just peel down the fingers first, then pull from the bottom and it all comes off in one cloud-like puff! It really works best on fine hairs and downy undercoats.

  18. Brya S.

    i bought this product for my roommate’s two cats who shed EVERYWHERE. I seriously can’t walk through my living room without being covered in hair and probably getting some in my mouth and nose somehow. It’s all over our furniture and finds its way into everything. I used this about 30 seconds after taking it out of the package and was really impressed. I used it on the long haired black cat first and could not believe how much hair it was pulling off. I was trying to use different brushes before this but they either tried to play with them or they were too sensitive for them. They took to this immediately since they love being petted. I would note that it was a lot more effective on the short haired cat and was pulling off a lot more in one stroke. I got the same results with the second cat in four or five strokes that I got in about 30 with the first one. I will say that hair got everywhere in the process and was kind of just flying through the air loose but i expected that so plan for some cleanup after. I’ll continue to use this maybe 3 or 4 times a week. I was going to buy something similar at petsmart for over double the price but I’m glad I tried this first. 

  19. Nunya D.

    I have several cats, well over the number needed to qualify as a crazy cat lady. Pet hair is a issue even when owning just one pet. Grooming with a brush has never been successful, even when trying several different kinds. After a few minutes of brushing the cat would become antsy and start biting at the brush. I used the glove for the first time this morning on my long haired kitty. WOW!!!! Tons of kitty hair and she loved the attention. She purred loudly the entire time and turned frequently so that I could “pet” her opposite side. Observing this, the other kitties lined up wanting to be petted too. Grooming time is now an enjoyable experience for all.As for the hair, I was stunned at how much was collected and thrilled that it literally just peels off the mitt to be disposed of. Great that the gloves come in pair. Highly recommend!

  20. Exzilda T.

    I’ve had several of these pet grooming gloves, and this glove is by far the best I’ve purchased. It’s very well made and it has the velcro fastener on the back of the wrist. The other ones had the fastener on the inside of the wrist and it would collect as much fur as the blue part of the glove. But with this glove, it doesn’t. And I was impressed how well it was made. Others were very loose and would rip at the point the back of the glove met the fastner.I have a large black cat with medium length fur and this glove works perfectly on her. And I took the advice and just lightly dampened the glove and that works even better.I will be buying from this small company again!

  21. Tiffany U.

    My cat actually hates it, but I feel like that’s a given. He doesn’t really like it when you touch his fur. It is shedding season though so of course I have to help groom him so I hold him and give him treats and give this glove a go. This glove works really well! It removes a lot of his loose fur. I do have to clean it quite a few times in a sitting because he just has so much fur, but it’s really easy to clean the glove, if you can’t peel the fur off right away just rub it a little bit and it comes right off. I admit it’s a little hard to put the glove on and take it off especially when you have a wriggly cat in your lap, but it’s doable. Whenever I use brushes on him he usually flinches pretty hard because it pulls on his fur, but with this glove he usually sits rather patiently as long as he has treats. I usually get most of his loose fur out in one or two sittings and then he’s good until next shedding season!

  22. Damon A.

    My cat is picky and pretty dainty. She sheds a ton and hair balls make an appearance all too often. I wanted to try this because it looks soft and looks like it works. Well, my cat now loves her brushing and it really brushes her quickly because of the size. The instructions say to dampen the brush part a little and this is very helpful. If you don’t dampen it, the static makes it difficult to dispense the hair. If you just lights wet the brushing area, the hair peels off with no problems. I definitely recommend this for your cat and you if you enjoy a soft bristled glove brush on your scalp…. Or other brushable areas.

  23. Katherine B.

    I’m pretty sure my cats think this is like a giant cat tongue. One of my cats loves this, the other does not want to be touched by it, but you know cats – they are particular and finicky. When I brush the cat that does allow me to use this glove, it works wonders. He has some dandruff and of course is constantly shedding. This picks up all the loose fur that would normally shed on my floors and furniture, and when you brush it sticks to the barbs in the glove and creates a nice, gross mat of fur that you can then peel from the glove and throw away. Much easier than attempting to clean bits of fur from a traditional brush, and its easier to get places that your cat may not want to be brushed, like around the face and the tummy. I imagine that for pets with longer fur you would need to clean out the glove more often.I have attempted also to use this to brush fur from my furniture. It does not work for that purpose. Use a lint roller instead. But for your pet itself, this is a great solution and they will probably love getting a little massage from the glove.

  24. Betina B.

    One of my cats HATES to be brushed. I’ve tried a couple different ones. This is the only one I’ve used where he allows me to brush him. I still have to follow him around while I’m using it on him but he no longer attacks me! It works really well to collect the hair. My only complaint is that it can be harder to remove all the hair from the glove. Takes a few tricks. If you slightly wet it, it helps the hair stick but this may bother your cat if they are sensitive to water. My cat doesn’t care. The more you brush, the easier the hair is to remove because it removes in “sheets” of hair. But to truly remove the hair that gets stuck on the back of the glove, you need to wash it or go over it with tape/lint rollers over and over. All in all, great product so far. 

  25. May F.

    Works super well. It says to spray something on the glove to help hair stick better and minimize hair getting everywhere so I sprayed it with some waterless cat shampoo and started petting my cats. They actually really liked it and stayed still the whole time. The amount of hair that came off was amazing. Thankfully cleanup wasn’t bad either since it peels right off. I do wish however that the rest of the fabric of the glove wasn’t such a cat hair magnet because it’s hard to get it off those areas. Otherwise this would be a 10/10. I have short haired cats and one medium haired cat. 

  26. Theo W.

    BUY THIS!My cat is an almost 16lb ragdoll- maine coon mix who HATES to be brushed. maybe it’s because he was feral when i got him but i’ve had him for almost a year and and he has never ever let me brush him. he sheds *a lot* and has medium long hair so it’s important that he’s brushed…. this was so cheap that i thought what the heck. right out of the box it looked cheap(sorry) and like it would be better for a dog but shockingly my cat LOVES it. i think it reminds him of being groomed by another cat… he completely relaxes and purrs while i pet him with the damp glove. even his huge fluffy tail! i can’t believe how great this is! 

  27. Sarah D.

    Works pretty good, my cat doesn’t love it but doesn’t seem to hate it as much as she did the comb we used. This way i can actually get her back legs and stomach without her running away or trying to bite me. Only negative is it’s hard to get the hair off the glove itself so it can easily get overwhelmed with hair, and while i’m messing with the glove my cat takes the opportunity to run away so the brushing is over. But overall pretty good buy!

  28. Kate A.

    I was skeptical about this product since I kept seeing ads for it on Instagram. This thing works! My cat always tries to chew on the brush before, and now after some light coaxing he gets excited when I take the glove out! He’s so playful that he still tries to bite the glove but overall it probably feels like some great scritchies!For the most part I use it with the ‘grain’ of his hair but I will go back and forth to loosen up his winter coat. It’s satisfying to peel off the layer of hair on the glove.The hair does end up going everywhere, in addition to filling up the glove. I usually end up lint rolling the cat and myself after I brush him because there’s always a little residual hair floating around, which is to be expected. The non-rubber side of the glove quickly got stuck with hair, but it’s not a huge deal. The fact that my kitty actually enjoys being brushed with his thing is more than worth it. I HIGHLY recommend this product; I have already told my friends about it and told them to buy it. I wish I was getting paid to write this!

  29. Stephanie K.

    Our kitten was very resistant to being brushed. He would bite the brush as if you were playing, and it was impossible to get in a good brushing session. The glove works great, he even purrs when we use it! Grabs a lot of fur and is easy to remove the fur from the glove and throw away. Highly recommend for brush-hating kitties! 

  30. Aria M.

    My beauty is a Siamese pointed Rag Doll cat. She has super silky soft medium length hair. I used wipes weekly, but being new to cats, I just never considered brushing them. In retrospect it’s like duh! I purchased this when a friend mentioned brushing her cat so that they don’t choke on hairballs and to help with allergens…well, whoa am I ever glad I found this. There are many similar brands out there, but I chose this one and I’m thrilled with it. It was cheap and it came highly rated. It also arrived fast. I spray the palm side of it with a coat refresher, more to just get it wet. From there I brush her firmly, all about her body, belly, hinds, tail, and the top of her head. I probably only stroke her 10-15x total. After that, the mitt is covered in hair, I mist it again and peel off the hair in 1 big damp clump. I will say stray hairs can go floating, and occasionally little puffs will scatter..but I’m thinking that would happen with any brushing, and it’s in fact pretty limited, with the dampening of it. I do it maybe once a week and there doesn’t seem to ever be less hair! Perhaps that means I should be doing it more. I shall. 

  31. Mariya S.

    Was initially skeptical but i liked the price.Love this ! Easy to use on sensitive areas like tail and belly that a brush couldn’t. Got way more hair out from my double coated Russian blue cat than a brush ever did. Not sure how well it would work on larger animals simply because of size of bristles. 

  32. Kade C.

    Before I got this glove, I had a little wire brush with the plastic balls on the tips. The cat LOVED it, but it didn’t seem to have much hair in it when I was finished. At first, I thought maybe she wasn’t shredding so much (she is a new addition to my house). But… then I started seeing it. Everywhere. All over. Floating. Stuck to things. Covering the pillow next to me.So I ordered this glove, and one of those corner brush things that she’s supposed to rub herself on. She HATES this glove… I’m not sure why… it has to feel great, right? The nubs are soft so they shouldn’t hurt… but she does hate it. So I have to hold her in place to brush her – but there is SO MUCH HAIR on the glove after one swipe down her back!!! I’ve already noticed less hair everywhere else in the house. It’s great. I love it, even if she doesn’t.

  33. Kimmie J.

    I love it, the cat loves it. Admittedly at first Stevie was having NONE of it. She ran away and I had to basically trick her with treats to get her to let me use it on her. Now all I have to do say wanna get brushed, wave the glove and coax her up on the table. She’s ready 9 times out if 10, because well, that’s cats. She purrs the whole time and will lay on each side so I get them both. She struggles with furballs badly and I feel like this helps bc it’s unreal how much fur it pulls off her. Also it’s good for removing fur on fabric surfaces. Just have the vacuum hose ready to suck up what it scrapes off.

  34. Cay R.

    I wish I had taken a good before picture. Our cat Pipin is not necessarily long-hair but she has longer hair than a typical cat. A Russian Blue, she was a little 4 week old stray we found several years ago. Our other cat adopted her and took care of her grooming until she died earlier this year. We never noticed Pipin wasn’t grooming herself until she looked like a hot mess, with cat hair and dander everywhere.We tried other pet brushes that worked, but not like this glove, especially when we lightly sprayed it with water before we used it. She wants me to groom her with it. She crawls up in my lap and purrs when I put the glove on. It has loosened up so much excess cat hair and dander we were shocked. She looks and feels like a new cat! She’s very silky now, and behaves like she feels 100% better. She’s much happier getting all that excess yuck off of her, like giving her a bath with every brushing. She’s much more playful than she was before we started brushing her with the glove. We will be brushing her with this glove every night from now on. You owe it to your cat to try this.

  35. Colleen S.

    This glove is perfect for our one kitty who hates to be brushed. Our family recently added kitty number three, a big beautiful long haired Maine Coon who despises being brushed or bathed. It was such a struggle as fine cat hair started taking over our life. Honestly, I did not think this grooming glove would work, but let me just say it is wonderful. Our kitty Nicki just loves the feeling it gives him, and we love the astounding amount of kitty his hair that is now in the glove and not on every surface in our home. Thank you wonderful seller. We LOVE this glove.

  36. Takeisha S.

    Incredible product. I’m brushing my cat every day sometimes twice a day! My cat sheds like crazy!!! I’m going to buy another so that I can keep it just in case. My cat was vomiting hair all the time. She hasn’t vomited since I began using this glove!!! Well worth the money. Truly happy with my purchase!! Thanks!! 

  37. Stephanie R.

    AMAZING. I love this mit. It’s a bit big for my hand but the velcro wrist strap keeps the mit secure. I highly recommend this product to anyone with cats. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and the cats love it 

  38. Jazzy A.

    I have a long haired Maine coon cat and he absolutely LOVES this! Literally begs for it! And I’m getting waaaayyyy more hair off than the standard brushes ever could!

  39. Jessica R.

    I loved other grooming mitts and so when I misplaced one of those I had to get a new one. The gloves were a little different but looked like they might be a bit more versatile.It turns out that there are a few things that make me like this one better than others. The hand on this glove is a good size – maybe a men’s medium or a little larger but the wrist is very adjustable. I usually use a women’s small or medium size glove.If I were to have to decide on a negative I would say that the nubs are maybe a bit long for a short-haired cat making the grooming a bit aggressive. If your cat has sensitive skin you may want to reconsider but I don’t think this is an issue for a cat that really likes a good strong rub. For us it’s perfect.

  40. Sordo M.

    My cat doesn’t like to be brushed and this mit doesn’t help with that, but it does make it easier to get a few passes in before she claws her way off my lap. You would think that some mild brushing would feel good, but who can figure with cats? I read the reviews for this glove beforehand and now that I’ve actually used it, they seem whiney to me .Over the course of a couple weeks, I hope to put a real dent in my cat’s excess hair problem.

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